Imrovisational Comedy Shows: LIPSCHTICK performers are all trained in the Viola Spolin technique of improvisation and can provide "audience suggested" improvisational comedy performances on par with anything you've seen at Chicago's Second City or Saturday Night Live (ya know… the good years from 1977-1985).

Donna Koll Morgan, Lynette Gutman,
Adina Bloom,
Jean Zarzour,
Helene Weinberg,
sing"Traffic Jam"

Miss Construe
Asks an audience member for a date.

Denise Dal Vera
& Jean Zarzour with
"Safety Man" for
Eaton Corp.

Denise Dal Vera
as Pain Fonda

Denise Dal Vera
as Yvonna Lump

Helene as
Barbara Striesand

Helene as
Joan Rivers

Anita Goodsale
sings "Money" to the
tune of "Mammy"

Miss Construe
sings "My PC Friend"

as Austin Powers